Agenda for 1-10-2012 General Assembly

Here is the Agenda for the first General Assembly. Information will be posted soon about specifics about future facilitation meetings as well for anyone who wants to lend a hand in organizing to help this event continue.

Welcoming (15 min)
organizers on why we called this, speaking from a personal place – Hunter (?), Andrew, Jasmine, one or two others opening the floor to others to express why they came

Orientation (5 min)
borrowing the OS process, intro to basic hand signals, meeting procedure, run down of agenda

Small Group Visioning (15 min)
pose the question what changes do we want to see at our university? what changes have we already been striving to make? discuss with neighbors in groups of 4 or 5

Visioning Report-back (15 min)
what are some of the main threads that came out of small discussions? what efforts are already happening on our campus? what major initiatives do we want to see? (facilitators will be collecting ideas from this segment as fodder for break-outs)

Break-out Sessions (30 min)
use ideas from visioning, and ask for other ideas from GA, as topics; break into groups based on what you want to talk about; e.g. if someone wants to talk about preventing writing center closures, organizing a UW community-building potluck, or writing a constitution for this GA group, they can propose it as a topic; when we break-out, everyone goes to the group they like

Proposal Announcements (5 min)
any proposals, pre-prepped or that come out of break-out sessions, can be announced here

Closing Forum (15 min)
what did we get out of this GA? of the proposals brought up, what are we excited to move forward on? where could this go? ** extend invitation for people to come to debrief/planning meeting Saturday at 3pm, reminder next GA in a week, same time same place**

General Announcements (5 min)
any other announcements, specific upcoming events, general things to share

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